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First off thank you very much for visiting my page! I'm Jking1200, an amateur artist
for some years now and very passionate about creating content for people to enjoy.
I am very much inspired from playing games, Japanese culture, reading stories
which all give me motivation to work on my project. Despite being on a little 
on the shy side, but I hope to make games that many will love and remember. 
Any support and feedback is very much appreciated!

 if you'd like to support me on Patreon, you can find my project's page right here!

What is Steamy Hot Springs about?

Steamy Hot Springs is about is the main character(you) is down on his luck after
losing his job a few months and struggling to pay his bills. With having no other
options the main character decides to work in a somewhat underground Hot
Spring in the Red Light District where you can romance your co-workers or 
clients that visit the hot spring.

Project Updates
I currently will be focused on releasing at least 1 major update for the project which will be focused on adding content to character routes and if necessary fixing any bugs from the previous build.

Sorry, can't say for sure that the game stable on all devices. I'll be making adjustments to the ui in future builds though.

Check out the Discord Server

Wish to report any bugs or issues or simply wish to chat then check out the discord server below:


Alternate Download Site HERE

Updated 1 day ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
GenreVisual Novel
TagsBara, Furry, Gay, hot-spring


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Steamy Hot Springs Mac 32 bit V0.03hotfix.rar 610 MB
Steamy Hot Springs Mac 64 bit V0.03hotfix.rar 610 MB
Steamy Hot Springs Win 32 bit V0.03hotfix.rar 595 MB
Steamy Hot Springs Win 64 bit V0.03hotfix.rar 596 MB
Steamy Hot Springs V0.03hotfix.apk 553 MB

Development log


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New build not working it stuck on day 2

Why can't i play sideways

(1 edit)

Apk doesn't work. I can't install it. Phone: Huawei P20 Pro. Error: The App cant be installed. 

go to settings>apps>show system apps>application installer>storage>clear data

After this you can also clear data for the package installer that is also under system apps. Then retry install.

(1 edit) (-1)

XD I know and I tryed. It doesn't work

The boar is so adorable

(1 edit) (+1)

Games freezes on rocks talk after going to water park on android when back at work doing vip work

Sorry about the issues, I'm currently working on a better build that should minimize any bugs or errors.

Could you make a version compatible with windows x86 32 bit? The one you have posted is incompatible and I can't play the game...


Sure thing, I'm currently merging to a new software that should let me be able to create builds for more platforms like 32 bit users. 


i cannot play it  ? help!?

(1 edit)

What issue are you having?


i cant play it

Sorry if you're having any issues, I'm currently merging to a new software that should make better game  builds that will work on more platforms.



Also on Android can't say yes to rock only gives the no option

In mine also so far I did not find yes


Like most of the characters my only problem with the demo so far is the pacing days are too fast character interactions are too short

I apologize for that, I'm already changing the approach to that to give story content daily for the characters, which I will release a small build on Jan 3rd with bug fixes that will work on the flow of the game so it doesn't seem like too big of leaps.

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I love this vn so far. One thing I recommend doing to help people find this vn is add gay in the tags.  Chet has to be my favorite character. 

Thanks! Also glad to hear abour your favorite character :3

you need to add Bara on your tag too, it should make it way more easier to find your game.

(2 edits) (+5)

Could you add human as a playable race?

That would be cool.

(1 edit) (+3)

same here I would love to play as a smaller submissive human with big bara furry characters just saying. lol


Nothing wrong with that at all ;3


Sure thing, human will be a playable race in one of the upcoming builds ;3

(1 edit)

Thank you! It would be awesome if your race had a effect on the game like humans being smaller, weaker but known to be smart and rare in the area. Just a thought. lol


When do you have updates, also can you make a main character and give him a species 

Will do.

could be just me but i think the discord server is bugged i cant enter 

Try it now, should be working fine currently.

will this be NSFW?


Yes it will be nsfw, especially in the next upcoming build.

Hell yeah

Hmm.. cant seem to download it.

Which download have you been having issues with?

Windows, trying to download it but the download bar gets stuck halfway.

May be a itch.io issue, try my new alternative download site here

Finally managed to make it work.

Oh and i think u should creat a discord server easier to connect people and probably report bugs and errors as well :)

Thanks for the suggestion, discord server is all up and running.

I can't seem to save on android after finally finding where the save menu is nothing seems to work in it. I noticed it's a bit laggy for me so maybe it's just my phone. 

Sorry, can't say for sure that the game stable on all devices. I'll be making adjustments to the ui in future builds though.

its ok I should have deleted this this or replayed that I was on the wrong screen. I didn't realize I had to swipe left to get the save option. 

looks interesting Ill take a look when I gets a Chance.

(1 edit)

already can tell by the design of your art im gonna like
didnt play it yet but i definetly will
(also if u could some kinda of a morikata character u got a safe patreon ^^)
hope u will have success :)
and btw is there no Sound or Fullscreen options?

Thanks, and sure sounds interesting to do. Also yes there are no sounds and fullscreen options due to some issues with the code but it will be fixed with the next build.

nice :)

awesome! its really good for now and i do hope to see more of it (also did u based T on alp from housamo? if yes it was a really good reference)

Thanks, glad to hear. Yes, Alp was a reference for when I was designing the character. XD

good choice for sure,he IS one of the best characters

Seems interesting to try out.

Glad you have taken interest, hopefully you enjoy.

Good stuff! Excited to see what's to come!

Thanks! Relieved to hear that you enjoyed the game. Definietly be sure to tune into future updates! 

The game was fun I can't wait for next update and I find a bug maybe when name say hores patron and game stop I couldn't click anything so I restarted  game to continue playing 


Thanks, Glad to hear that you had fun with the game. I just posted a hotfix that should take care of that.